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Training Deckers to hunt?

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: 03.10.2017
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: New york

: 31-10-17     : Training Deckers to hunt?

We have also purchased a few rats from the pets store to help build his confidence. He really enjoys swatting them with his paws and will gently bite but once they wiggle he drops them as if surprised they were alive. He found a small snake over the weekend and had the same reaction. Followed it, pawed it and tried to bite it, but both times he had the snake in his mouth he seemed to get scared to bite hard. The dogs eventually killed the snake, but more from constant picking and pawing, not from a hard bite. It was cute though when the 2 month old pup, Lola, spent about a half hour dragging the snake around like a trophy!

Am I expecting too much from a 7 month pup? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
Please help.


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