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4 year old rottweiler - serious spinal problem

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: 02.04.2018
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: 02-04-18     : 4 year old rottweiler - serious spinal problem


Now i am searching for all advice and pointers. and i found this chat board when i was googleing "dog back brace". My friend owns a 4 year old Rottie boy, and recently he started developing signs of possible wobblers. Today was his second xray, where the xray showed some severe defects in spinal joint 3 and 4. He has obvious signs of wobblers, but since vets here are not familiar with this syndrome, they cannot do anything for our favorite boy.
have been searching for vets in the EU to import to here, to do some surgeries on large breed dogs with severe problems. But right now 2 dogs are in highest priority, this boy, and his sister witch has severe hip and elbow displacea, and again, no vet here can do operations. This search would be pointless if they didnt have their strong spririt and happy attitude to life. So what i am basicly asking here, is if anyone here knows good surgeons, or if they can point me in a direction of a massive back and neck brace for the boy, so we can try to stop the muscle deterioration while we are still searching. I am in contact with a few vets around here and there, but now we need some serious help. In hopes of some good answers as fast as possible,

Please help.

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