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Puppy trouble questions

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: 03.10.2017
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: 23-11-17     : Puppy trouble questions

I am new to dog training. This is my first duck dog and i am following the Dokken Training book and i ama doing well so far. He is 13 weeks tomorrow and he is great with the obedience portion.

One issue i am having is with introducing him to feathers/wing. He absolutely loves them in fact a little to much. When he gets ahold of them he will, 1: Rip it apart and 2: try to keep it away.

Now i am struggling with balancing between trying to correct this habit and shunning him away from it. Any other objulect he will fetch it and bring it right to me.

Is this a normal trait and should i try not correct it at this time?

If i should correct it how should i go abouts it?

How should i get him to stop playing keep away and retrieve it?

Please help...

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