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A Dobermans diet advice sought please!

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: 03.10.2017
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: New york

: 01-12-17     : A Dobermans diet advice sought please!

In next couple of weeks buying our new Doberman. Had a Dobe who sadly died aged 11 in December and he used to eat a tin of Pedigree Chum a Da along with some dried food, usually Pedigree Chum mix - large dog!

Now the pup thats coming is currently having the Royal Canin which I have never heard of so would like to hear some views and opinions on this food.

I know we looked after another Dobe a couple of years ago for a couple of weeks who was fed once a day on some dried food (cannot remember what) and over the first week we gave her some meat as well - she loved it and instead of messing around at meal time used to wolf in down and seemed to look forward to it. I also felt that by the time she left us she looked much healthier.

I would love to hear some points of view on giving dogs meat etc or just a dried food diet.

Please help....

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