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Help bringing a dog to Philippines!

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: 03.10.2017
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: 25-11-17     : Help bringing a dog to Philippines!

I was looking through the web and see how much it would cost if I just get my dog shipped from Dallas, TX to Manila, Philippines but, it was $6,800. Is it cheaper to check her in as a luggage or get her shipped? I don't have a flight date yet so I'm trying to get infos and other things before I book my flight. She's a German Shepherd, about 80lbs and she'll be 8 years old this year. The airlines I've always used is AA then a lay over at Japan and board JAL to NAIA (Manila, Philippines International airport.)

Can anyone tell me the procedures before I board the plane in Dallas, then what I have to do at Japan airport, then when arriving in Manila. What I need to get done, how much time I should have. I just need all the information I could get.

I tried doing this the first time but, I backed out because I was scared that I would mess up on something and lose her. So Im back in America and would really like to get her back with me to Philippines as I will be staying ther for a long time for college.

All the info's you get give me would be very appreciated!

Please help...

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