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Coat texture question?

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: 03.10.2017
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: New york

: 16-11-17     : Coat texture question?

So I'm mildly obsessed with poodles again. Last year I was looking at standards...now I've been lurking websites of minis. I would love to own a poodle someday.

My problem:

I'm concerned I won't be able to deal with their coat texture. Back when I was looking at standards someone was nice enough to offer to send me a sample of their poodles hair (they're groomers), unfortunately they never sent it for some reason. So poodle coat texture continues to remain a mystery to me!

Now I might have less of an issue with long and poofy hair vs. hair clipped very short. If I owned a poodle I would probably want it's body to be clipped very short (like clown/bikini/summer clip) because it's easier and I like the look of it.

Online I've seen people describe their poodles hair being like "velvet" or "crushed velvet" which SCARES me. I have some sensory issues with some textures. I don't get panic attacks or anything but I absolutely loathe feeling certain textures and try to avoid touching them as much as I possibly can. Velvet-type textures are the worst for me.

So I'm wondering those of your who have felt poodles or own poodles what do they feel like? How would you describe their coat texture (if theres any fabrics that feel similar)?

Also anyone have issues with certain coat textures as well?

Please help....

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